We offer our customers software development on demand and given our expertise we can offer services for a wide range of industries from automotive, telecom, real estate to finance, insurance and banking. We provide full cycle IT services from requirements specification to training and post-deployment support.


SyncWise products are developed according to the best practices of the industry providing our customers ready to use yet flexible solutions for your needs. We offer: a. Complex mobile solutions; b. Network Management Systems; c. Data Acquisition Systems; d. Emergency and fast intervention process management systems


We would love to be your partner in your technology upgrades efforts and we could offer you consultancy and expertise regarding IT provider selection, organizing an internal IT department and also organizing complex IT change projects.

Info Security

If your computers storing sensitive information are connected to the Internet or if now some of your internal processes are automated, your business is at high risk of being subject of a Cyber or malicious spam attack. SyncWise offers you the solution for being mobile, flexible but same time secure in the new era of technology.



SyncWise Vision   

  •   We grow because of our quality software and products.
  •   We exist because of timely delivery and fitted products.
  •   We are friendly and professional providing a great support to our customers.