We provide professional outsourcing services related to testing: software developments, software customizations and parameterization, software bug fixes.
Our Software testing process aims to validate and verify that a computer program/application/product meets the requirements that guided its design and development, works as expected and satisfies the needs of stakeholders.

Test process preparation:

Requirements analysis: During the design phase, SyncWise Testers will work to determine what aspects of the design are testable and with what parameters those tests would work.

Test planning: We can support you in the process of creating the test strategy and test plan based on the software specifications and

Test development: Our Software Test team can support your quality assurance process by providing following type of documentation: test procedures, test scenarios, test cases, test datasets, test scripts to use in software testing.

Test Execution:

Test execution: Testers execute the software based on the plans and test documents and then report any errors found to the development team. We can support working with various bug tracking tools, like: Rational ClearQuest, Quality Center, Bugzilla, JIRA

Test reporting: Once testing is completed, testers generate metrics and make final reports on their test effort and whether or not the software tested is ready for release. Example reports: Requirements coverage, Bug severity report, Test process efficiency , etc.

Regression testing: SyncWise test team can both support the creation of regression test and scenarios and also run regression test. This process ensures that latest release works at least as good as previous version and that there are not new bugs introduced in previously working functionalities.

Test stages:

  • Component testing: test one or several components of a product or a release
  • Integration testing: check how different product modules interface and communicate with each other .
  • System testing: system is checked as whole, in order to ensure functional requirements work as expected
    Check non-functional requirements like : volumes, performances, stress or robustness of the system
    Documentation of the system should be checked that it supports use of the software
  • Acceptance testing: Acceptance testing is performed by the customer; we can support you in designing your test processes and test cases for optimal running acceptance testing of software application.